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Masker Tanah Liat Vitamin C Kunyit

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Why Turmeric is Special for Skin Care?

Even Skin Tone & Relieves Inflammation.

ANAiRUi Turmeric Facial Care

Natural & Vegan
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Set Penjagaan Kulit Muka Kunyit ANAiRUi
Pelbagai Kaedah Terapi Kulit Wajah untuk Kulit Berjerawat, Membersih & Mencerahkan Kulit Anda.
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Turmeric Clay Mask

“ I have sensitive skin and acne prone dark skin. This turmeric clay mask is made with lots of great natural ingredients including Turmeric, Vitamin C & E and Aloe Vera. I already notice a difference. My skin is clearer, brighter and the dark spots are less noticeable. And it’s keeping my acne at a minimum level. This is my favorite product thus far! ”

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Turmeric Face Mask Kit

“ I have inflamed areas on my face due to acne. The peel off mask absorbed excess oil and cleanses the pores. The clay mask relieves acne inflammation. I feel soothed and radiant after using the mask. The wash off mask brightens and hydrates my face for a prolong period of time. ”

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Turmeric Wash Off Mask

“ Every time I wash this mask off, my face looks so bright and energized, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized without any dry feeling. The best thing about it though is that it helped clear my acne . Would recommend to other one to use. ”

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